Our Hotel story begins from Fifties, when Deiva Marina was very little touristic. This wonderful environment was unknown and lacking in any kind of receptive structures. Grandpa Gustavo, from Abruzzo, with his natural hospitality achieved this dream, risking everything: his railwayman severance pay, his savings, his old-age pension and relax.
This project was pursued with love and passion even if with several difficulties, and, at the end, obtained the Gustavo’s wife name: Clelia.
Today the Hotel, managed by Anna, Franco, Luca and Piera, is well-known for its innovative services and the past enthusiasm.
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Hotel Clelia-Corso Italia 23-19013 Deiva Marina (SP) ITALY-Tel. 0187-82626 Fax 0187-816234- Video Call +39 0187 825308 -Cell.335-472605      info@clelia.it